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Palma de Mallorca


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Spain, a mosaic of cultures and landscapes

With its multiple identities, cultural treasures and breathtaking landscapes basking in the sun, Span is one of the most popular destinations in Europe.

Do you dream of sun, culture and thrilling nights? Take a flight to Spain, and immerse yourself in the fiery atmosphere of this country, one of the youngest and most dynamic in Europe. Discover ancient architectural masterpieces during a stay in Barcelona such as Toledo, the beautiful medieval, or even modern creations, like the Sagrada Familia. Enjoy an authentic and varied cuisine, just like the country: tapas, sardines, paella... All accompanied by a delicious glass of Rioja.

A trip to Spain, gives you the opportunity to discover the best of what art can offer. After a flight to Madrid, visit the Prado, one of the most beautiful museum in the world. It houses treasures accumulated by the former Spanish empire. All European painting is represented: Titian, Goya, Fra Angelico... Discover the works of the greatest Spanish painters of the twentieth century: Dali in Figueres, Picasso and Miró in Barcelona.

Your travel guide of Spain will show you some remarkable castles. There are thousands, and among them the most famous and most mesmerizing, the Alhambra in Granada, Andalusia.

A trip to Spain could also be an opportunity to do some sports activities. Try canyoning in the coolness of the Pyrenees, or even walking along the footpaths of Compostela in the Basque Country. To get some thrills, head to the famous PortAventura theme park and its dizzying roller-coasters!

Once you're satisfied, there will still be time to lie on a beautiful beach on the Costa del Sol, and dive into the Mediterranean, then finish the night by dining at the Spanish time in a bodega.