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Russia, the land of culture and adventures on the edge of Europe

Russia, from Europe to Asia, spanning across 9 time zones: it's the largest country in the world. A mosaic of people and cultures, it has an incredible variety of landscapes, scattered around the vastness of its territory. Taking a flight to Russia, is embarking on an exotic adventure, to meet a nation with a long and rich history, in a land of wilderness.

Your trip to Russia must include two vital parts in order to truly understand the Russian soul: Moscow and St. Petersburg. These are the two biggest cities, which also reflect the best of its long history. Located at the estuary of the Neva, St. Petersburg has the charm of a former imperial capital, like that of Catherine II. It is also the city which staged the Russian Revolution in 1917. Nevsky Prospekt, is one of the most famous streets in the world. Spanning nearly 5 km, it is home to magnificent buildings, the majority in Baroque style. Palaces, churches, as well as theatres and cinemas await you, and shops which are very popular with the locals. The Hermitage Museum, one of the finest in the world, is a must-see during your stay in Russia.

A flight to Moscow, the capital, immerses you in a megalopolis where everything is gigantic. The city is stretched out in sprawling manner. The Kremlin buildings, topped with domes are immense. It is the administrative heart of the city, but it is also where you'll find the big Cathedral and the Armoury museum. Moscow also has a fantastic underground, built during the Soviet period, as well as a station that can use the Trans-Siberian Railway that will take you to Vladivostok, along the Pacific Coast at the other end of the country, through infinite and beautiful landscapes.