Marie-Antoinette, Mahé's Creole institution

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Marie-Antoinette, Mahé's Creole institution

A few kilometres from Victoria, Mahé's capital, Marie-Antoinette is a must-go-to restaurant for who wants to try the Seychelles' traditional gastronomy.

South of Victoria, on the heights of the capital, Marie-Antoinette is an institution. In addition to being one of the oldest restaurants in the Seychelles – opened in 1972 at the same time as the international airport – it has now also been listed as a historical monument. The hundred-year old colonial-style mansion built in wood and steel is one of the last remnants of this architecture on Mahé's Island.
The rustic charm of the premises finds its way into your plate. The cuisine has been little modified since the 1970s, as the owners' goal is to let you discover authentic Creole gastronomy, which recipes are being passed along from generation to generation. Try one of the classic dishes on the generous menu, like the parrotfish, fried eggplant or, for the more adventurous, bat in curry sauce. Traditional dishes to be enjoyed while gazing at a dozen giant tortoises, native to the island and roaming freely in front the terrace.

Serret Road

+248 4 266 222 

Menu: around 300 SCR