Fish in crystal clear waters

Fish in crystal clear waters

For more than thirty years now, Gerry's Private Charters has brought fishing enthusiasts happiness with a series of breathtaking excursions in the heart of the Indian Ocean.

Forget about carps, pikes and bleaks as the depths of the Seychelles waters are filled with different species of colourful fish! From Mahé romantic shore, the Kreole Kiss boat takes fishing lovers out on an excursion worthy of the most exquisite cruise. The motor boat, entirely equipped for deep-sea and longline fishing, sails the seas surrounding the largest island of the archipelago and offers all the pleasures of halieutics you may expect in the region. As the sun sets and a delicious scent of freshly caught grilled fish tickles your nostrils, just remember that, upon simple request, you may try your hands at night fishing. You may come back to this deep-sea paradise filled with blue marlins and magnificent swordfishes while respecting the ecosystem and the various rules and regulations.

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