Del Place, delights of creole gastronomy

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Del Place, delights of creole gastronomy

Care to discover creole cuisine? Here is your chance to try out the menu of Del Place, a new and charming restaurant.

Inaugurated in June 2014, the Del Place restaurant gives pride of place to creole gastronomy, sublimated by a gorgeous decor. Your table is waiting for you by the water, where you'll enjoy various seafood fresh from the boat.
To give you a taste of what's on the menu, expect spicy crab soup, fresh salmon tartare, smoked marlin, octopus salad, grilled prawns and shrimp with garlic, red snapper cooked in banana leaves, seafood salad served with fresh mango… The specialities are as diverse as they are delicious, so get ready for a memorable culinary experience. Seychelles are filled with fruit and fish, all carefully prepared to highlight local gastronomy, and Del Place is a fine example of the fact. It has soon become a major player in the archipelago.

Del Place
Port Glaud
Beau Vallon
Mahé Island

+248 2 814 111

Menu: around 350 SCR