CaranaBeach, or elegance the Seychelles way

CaranaBeach, or elegance the Seychelles way

Taking its name from one of Mahé's nicest beaches, the CaranaBeach offers tourists to discover the island under its most authentic side.

CaranaBeach offers about 40 spacious cabins only a few steps away from the sea. They are adapted to visitors who wish to best enjoy the idyllic Seychelles setting. Get ready for an immersive experience in the heart of preserved luxurious vegetation finding its natural way between pillars of solid granite and the immaculate sand of nearby beaches.
This charming address is a well-kept secret that remains at once luxurious and accessible, as a true reflection of the archipelago's wild nature. Enjoy local hospitality right upon arrival at CaranaBeach and give in to a massage at the hands of an expert, peacefully lying down a chaise lounge by the sea. Let the wriggling of local fish and the singing of birds nestled way up large palm trees lull you, as the waves come tickling your toes.

CaranaBeach Hotel
North Coast Road
Mahé Island

+248 4 383 333

Rooms: from 5,264 SCR